Articles about France

How to Become a French Citizen

France is an economically developed country with a high standard of living. Foreigners love it for its mild climate, rich culture and delicious cuisine. It's a great place for running a business, getting an education and enjoying a comfortable life.

How to buy property in France as a foreigner

Property in France generates steadily high demand among foreigners. People from all regions of the planet are dreaming of owning a villa in the South of France, a vineyard in Provence or a cozy ski chalet.

Residence permit in France

France is one of the most favoured countries in the world by tourists, expats and immigrants alike. In fact, more than ten percent of the French population are immigrants, and many of them have got the citizen status too.

France Golden visa

Making investments in a country's national economy in exchange for a permanent residence status or even citizenship has become a very popular and widely advertised type of immigration program worldwide in the last couple of decades.