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Golden visa Greece vs Portugal

Both Portugal and Greece offer Golden Visas for wealthy expats. The former country is about to cancel it but there is still time to apply. The latter is planning to carry on — but in 2023, the entry threshold is expected to rise.

Portugal Citizenship by Investment

After you invest in Portugal, you can easily become a local resident and then, a citizen. The target audience of this option is foreign retirees, wealthy individuals and anyone who loves the Portuguese lifestyle. This overview will explain how to apply for this program and why expats value it highly.

The Cost of Living in Portugal

The cost of living in Portugal often comes as a pleasant surprise for those who're planning to relocate to this country. In this overview, we'll talk about the expenditure items that a typical expat is curious about. For the convenience of readers from different countries, the prices will be indicated in US dollars and in euros.

How to buy property in Portugal

If you're planning to buy a property in Portugal as a foreigner, it's likely to become a good investment. In this article, we'll explain what exactly you should do, which documents to prepare and which fees and taxes to pay.

How to Get Dual Citizenship in Portugal

Does Portugal recognize dual citizenship? This question is very popular among expats who're dreaming of making this warm European state their second homeland. The answer is positive! Foreigners from many countries are allowed to become Portuguese citizens without sacrificing their original nationality. In this overview, we'll explain what exactly you can do to achieve this goal.

Property tax in Portugal for non residents

Taxes can become a bane of your existence, even when you only have to deal with them in your own country. Yet, sometimes you are forced to spend some extra funds and fill in more blanks than usual because you stumbled upon a lucrative investment opportunity or a certain house with a view has that ingratiated you.

Mortgage in Portugal

Getting a mortgage in Portugal as a foreigner may look like a daunting task. However, Portugal is one of the most comfortable countries for foreign property investors, as it has low real estate prices and almost no restrictions to ownership.

Golden visa Spain vs Portugal

Spain has the Sagrada Família church in Barcelona, but Colorful castles in Portugal's Sintra can lighten your mood almost immediately. In Spain, sangria is here to cool you off, and Portugal will spin your world right around with its Port wine.

Portugal real estate prices

In recent years, Portugal's real estate market has earned the status of a safe investment harbor for foreign residents. Whether in terms of climate or financial benefits, the perspectives of acquiring property in this country look promising when you come from afar.

Golden Visa in Portugal

It's renowned for its warm climate, stable economy and developed infrastructure. It attracts foreigners with its rich cultural heritage, decent living standards and reasonable pricing. In this overview, we'll scrutinize the specifics of Portugal's Golden Visa program 2022.

Citizenship in Portugal

Wealthy expats who're dreaming of becoming EU citizens often opt for Portugal. In this overview, we'll scrutinize the rules and advantages of having local citizenship.