Best greek island for expats

The word "Greece" brings to mind the Mediterranean lifestyle, antique art, rustic dances, simple yet tasty food, and delicious wine. This country is the cradle of European civilization, and to this day it brims with the Epicurean love for life. No wonder people choose to move there for good.

Below we discuss the three best Greek islands for expats. The cost of living here is not as high as on some more aristocratic islands, while nightlife is vibrant, and beaches are pristine. All three places are easily accessible by plane or ferry, which makes them the Greek islands with most expats.


The oldest of all Greek islands, Crete treasures the palace of Knossos – the place where the Minoan civilization was born, with the famous Minotaur labyrinth. The ancient ruins, olive groves, and a beautiful city of Heraklion attract tourists and expats alike.

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Whereas Crete belongs to antiquity, the Isle of Rhodes reminds us of its medieval heyday. Come to its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to step back in the time of the Crusades. A vibrant mix of Greek culture with Moslem and Western influences makes this island a true gem. It is also fairly close to Turkey. So when you catch the winter blues, just hop on a ferry to enjoy the Istanbul nightlife.


This part of Greece is geographically close to Italy and Albania and can be reached by plane or ferry. It was the first to welcome tourists. Its principal hallmark is fantastic nightlife during the high season. Its capital Kerkyra (Corfu Town) is a busy city. In winter months, Corfu calms down but some expats living there prefer to stay all year round. 

The Benefits of Living in Greece 

There are many reasons why we choose to settle permanently in Greece:

  • mostly great weather;

  • warm seas;

  • splendid beaches;

  • healthy, tasty food;

  • good wine;

  • relaxed atmosphere;

  • historical sites;

  • low crime level;

  • closeness to the European mainland.

And if you want to do business and enjoy the laid back lifestyle, Greece is definitely the place to live!

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