Emigration to Greece

Although Greece is not one of the richest countries in the European Union, hardly anyone will be surprised that living there is the dream of a great many people. Emigration to Greece is considered to be one of the easiest ways of moving to Europe and settling there.

To enjoy the privileges of the Greece residents, migrants can apply for one of the following statuses:

  • A temporary residence permit gives the right to stay in the country for one year (with the right to annual renewal).

  • Permanent residence permit giving the right to live in Greece.

  • Citizenship in Greece.

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Temporary Residence Permit in Greece

The temporary residence permit is a document that allows a foreigner to stay in the country for one year. Depending on the conditions for issuing a residence permit, it can be extended indefinitely. The main advantage of owning a residence permit is the ability to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in the future. Often, after the fifth extension, a non-resident is granted permanent residence status.

IMPORTANT: The Greek government provides allowability in issuing a temporary residence permit to foreign citizens only after the latter have visited the territory of the government, for example, as a tourist. That is, non-residents can obtain a residence permit only if they have visited Greece at least once.

Ways for Obtaining a Greek Residence Permit

Family reunification

This program can be used by foreigners who have relatives permanently residing in Greece on a legal basis. Having parents, children, spouses with a Greek passport or a permanent residence permit is a good reason for requesting a residence permit by future Greek immigrants.

In the case of a marriage between a Greek citizen and a foreign citizen, a residence permit for the second one can be issued by submitting a marriage certificate to the appropriate migration office. On its basis, a residence permit will be issued.

ATTENTION: After living together for more than three years, a spouse is able to collect documents and write an application for obtaining Greek citizenship.

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Work immigration

This way of immigration is considered attractive because it doesn't require an immigrant to have passive income sources. But at the same time, it seems to be one of the most difficult ways to move to Greece.

For getting a job easily in Greece, a European passport or EU Blue Card are required. All employers of the Schengen area have to consider the candidates from their country at first, then — specialists from the eurozone. And then, if no suitable applicants are found, third-country nationals are considered.


To obtain a residence permit under this program, an applicant should invest at least € 300 000 in the country's economy. They can sponsor a project or participate in a local business, partially or fully paying for it. A one-time investment allows a foreigner to obtain a residence permit for two years.


Investors can register a company with an active account of € 60,000. Funds must be transferred from an account in their home country to a Greek one. They have the right to be employees in their own companies or work for a Greek outsourcing or contractual company.

Buying property

The program requires investments in residential or commercial property for € 250 000 euros. A foreigner who becomes a private owner of real estate in Greece automatically receives a temporary residence permit. Then he receives permanent residence, and after seven years, he can apply for citizenship.


Immigrants can move to Greece if they have confirmation of Greek origin or by obtaining official refugee status.


Entry into the country will be allowed based on the proven fact of oppression by race, gender, nationality, religion, political views, social status at the place of residence. Military actions and natural disasters are also considered as grounds for granting international protection of asylum seekers at external borders.

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