Greek embassy in Atlanta

The Greek Embassy in Atlanta is a diplomatic mission of Greece to the United States. It is responsible for representing Greece's interests in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The embassy was established in 1991 and is located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.


  • Telephone: +1 (404) 261-3313
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 3655 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342, United States

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Overview of the Greek Embassy

The Greek Embassy in Atlanta offers a range of functions and services. It provides consular services to Greek citizens in the United States, including passport and visa applications, notarizations, and assistance to Greek nationals in emergencies. The embassy also promotes cultural events and exchanges between Greece and the United States, such as exhibitions, concerts, and lectures. Additionally, the embassy engages in diplomatic activities, representing Greece's interests and maintaining relationships with US government officials.

Consular Services

The embassy's consular services assist Greek citizens living in the United States with a variety of needs, including passport and visa applications, notarizations, and emergency assistance. Greek citizens can also register their presence in the United States at the embassy, which is necessary for the renewal of certain Greek documents.

Cultural Events

The embassy in Atlanta organizes a range of cultural events throughout the year to promote Greek culture and heritage in the United States. These events include exhibitions featuring Greek artists, concerts showcasing Greek music, and lectures on Greek history and culture. The embassy also collaborates with cultural organizations in the United States to further promote and celebrate Greek culture.

Diplomatic Activities

As a diplomatic mission, the embassy in Atlanta engages in various diplomatic activities. These activities include representing Greece's interests in the United States, meeting with US government officials, and maintaining relationships with other diplomatic missions in Atlanta. The embassy also works to promote economic and trade relations between Greece and the United States.

Greek-American Relations

The United States and Greece have a long and historically significant relationship. The Greek Embassy in Atlanta plays an important role in maintaining and strengthening this relationship by engaging in diplomatic and cultural activities that promote understanding and cooperation between the two countries. Greece and the United States share common interests in areas such as defense, energy, and culture, and the embassy works to promote these shared interests.


The Greek Embassy in Atlanta is an important diplomatic mission for Greece in the United States. Its functions and services, including consular assistance, cultural events, and diplomatic activities, play a crucial role in promoting Greek interests and strengthening the relationship between Greece and the United States. If you are a Greek citizen in need of consular assistance or a US citizen interested in learning more about Greece and its culture, the embassy is a valuable resource.

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