Schengen Visa for Greece

When travelling to Greece from outside the EU, you might be required to get a Greece Schengen visa. In this article, you'll find answers to the questions such as "Is Schengen visa valid for Greece?", "Can I travel to Greece with a Schengen visa?", "How long to get this type of visa?", "Which documents should I prepare?" and so on.

Should I Make the Appointment in Person or Online?

You should make an offline appointment at one of the following establishments in your area:

  • The Greek Embassy or Consulate;

  • A Greek visa centre;

  • The consulate, embassy or visa centre of a Schengen state that represents Greek consular interests in your area (in case there are no other options).

You should submit the application in the country where you hold a residence permit.

How to Receive the Visa During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Depending on the epidemiological situation, Greece might sometimes close its borders for non-EU travellers. Please check the latest news before you start planning your trip. The situation might change quickly and unexpectedly.

Which Documents Should I Prepare?

The list of documents might vary depending on the goals of your trip and your type of employment. If you're a tourist who needs a type D visa, you should prepare the following papers in either English or Greek:

  • The Greece Schengen Visa application form. You can either fill it in with a pen or do it digitally and then print it out. Fill in all the fields of the document and provide honest and up-to-date information, and sign the form before handing it in.

  • Two recent photos of yours. The photo requirements are almost the same as for the passport.

  • Passport valid for 90 days or more beyond the return date, with two or more blank pages.

  • Copies of the Greek visas that you had used earlier (if any).

  • A cover letter where you specify your itinerary and explain the purpose of your trip.

  • Documents that prove your marriage status: whether you are married, have kids and so on.

  • Proof of the reservation of a hotel or another type of accommodation for the entire duration of your stay.

  • Plane tickets to Greece and back.

  • Documents that show that you have enough funds for the trip.

Employed travellers should also prepare the following documents:

  • Working contract;

  • Written leave approval from their boss;

  • Bank statement;

  • Income tax return.

Self-employed travellers should include the following papers into the package:

  • A copy of their business license;

  • Business bank statement;

  • Income tax return.

Retirees show their pension statements. In most cases, pension and bank statements mentioned in this article should include financial information of the last 6 months.

Students need to prove that they indeed attend a school or university and these educational establishments have nothing against their trip. If you get regular income from property, you should attach the proof of this income for the latest 6 months.

If your friends or relatives invite you to Greece, you should submit together with your documents copies of their passports, their bank statement of the last 6 months and a formal invitation with their contact details (phone number included).

When travelling for business, you should submit an invitation from an organization registered in Greece. In their letter, they should mention your arrival and departure dates as well as the full postal address of their organization. From your side, you should add a certificate from the company that you're working for. This document should prove that your employer allows you to go to Greece. If both organizations already had any trade relations before, you should prove it with documents. One of the two organizations should prove that they will be covering your expenses. Plus, you'll need to provide a business bank statement. Last but not least, you should include the officially certified copies of the proprietorship or partnership documents of your company, its trade license, the memorandum and the article of association.

If you travel to receive healthcare services, you should attach a medical report from your country, combined with an attestation from your Greek doctor or healthcare establishment. They should confirm your diagnosis and the date of your appointment. You'll be required to show the receipt for the medical services.

Those who travel to make movies, take part in sports, cultural or religious events should specify their itineraries and list the names of all applicants who will be travelling together with them. You'll need to explain the purpose of your visit and mention the dates of your arrival and departure. Plus, you should inform the embassy or consulate about who will cover your expenses. The authorities who invite you should send you an invitation letter.

If you travel as a part of an official delegation, you should specify where you're planning to stay and for how long. You'll need to provide an official copy of your invitation and mention the purpose of your trip.

Students, researchers and those who go to Greece for training should prove they have enough funds to afford the trip. Plus, they need to provide the documents that allow them to attend the courses and confirm that they have completed the education.

If you're married to a Greek citizen, you should prepare your marriage certificate and the family record book. Besides, you should prove that your spouse indeed has Greek citizenship.

Parents with underage kids who need a Greek visa should accompany them to the consulate or embassy. The other parent should write a travel consent for their son or daughter and notarize it. Also, the mother or father of the underage traveller should prove they have sufficient regular income.

If you're not planning to stay in Greece but need this country only for transit, you should make a copy of your visa for your final destination.

How to Get the Greek Visa from the USA

US citizens don't have to apply for a Schengen visa when travelling to Greece. Without a visa, you're allowed to spend no more than 90 days in this country every 180 days. You need to show a return plane ticket and prove that you can afford the trip financially.

Similarly, you don't need a Schengen visa to Greece from the UK if you're a British citizen.

How to Get a Schengen Visa to Greece from India

The requirements for travellers with an Indian passport were described above. You need to collect the documents according to the purpose of your trip and submit the application at least two weeks before your departure (but no longer than three months before the departure).

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Greek Visa?

Children aged 5 or younger as well as most students don't need to pay a visa fee. The standard fee for adults is €80. Plus, you should be ready to submit a service payment. Its price might vary depending on where you submit your application. In case you fail to receive the visa, you won't get a refund for these fees.

Travel Insurance

The minimum required sum for your medical travel insurance is €30,000. This document should cover the entire Schengen area for the entire duration of your journey.

The Average Processing Time of Schengen Visa for Greece

The typical processing time of the Greek visa is two weeks. The work takes longer in the case of an emergency or if there are too many applicants.

A Reminder for Those Who Got Their Visas

If you're planning to stay in Greece for longer than your visa permits, you should be ready to submit a new Schengen visa application. You can't extend the visa, except for some rare extreme and unforeseen situations.

On your visa, you'll be able to find "GR" letters. This is the country code for Greece. The sticker number on your visa is the unique number of the document.

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