Articles about Spain

Types of visas to Spain

Depending on your citizenship, you might or might not need to get visa to Spain. In this overview, we'll talk about the available visa varieties, the required paperwork and the process of applying for a visa to this Mediterranean country.

Complete Guide on Retirement in Spain for Expats

You can retire in Spain if you weren't born here or have never lived here before. You'll appreciate the local warm climate, delicious food, diverse entertainment opportunities, decent healthcare services and overall hospitality.

Rental Income Tax Spain

If you own real estate in Spain, you have the right to rent it out. After you get an income from your rentals, you're supposed to pay a tax on them. In this article, we'll focus on the renting out property in Spain tax: which formula to apply to calculate it, when to submit the documents and which penalties you might face.

Complete Guide for Foreigners to Buying Property in Spain

Foreigners from all over the world are dreaming of buying a house in Spain. You'll be able to use it as your holiday home or permanently relocate to this welcoming Mediterranean country. Alternatively, you have the right to rent out your property to make an income. In this article, we'll explain how expats can purchase real estate in Spain, get a mortgage and pay taxes. You'll find out about the current state and perspectives of the local real estate market as well as the opportunity to get the Golden Visa.

Real Estate Prices in Spain

Foreigners from all over the world dream of buying properties in Spain. Some would like to relocate to this sunny and welcoming country, others want to make a lucrative investment. In this article, we'll analyze the apartment and house prices in Spain.

How to get citizenship in Spain

Foreign tourists who come to Spain often dream of relocating here for good. It's an incredibly welcoming country with a warm and sunny climate, friendly people and delicious food. Its economy is stable and its infrastructure is well-developed.

The Cost of Living in Spain

Is it expensive to live in Spain? Foreigners who are planning to relocate to this Mediterranean country feel happy when they hear the answer. Compared to the UK, the US and most other Western European states, the cost of living in Spain is very affordable.

Golden visa Spain vs Portugal

Spain has the Sagrada Família church in Barcelona, but Colorful castles in Portugal's Sintra can lighten your mood almost immediately. In Spain, sangria is here to cool you off, and Portugal will spin your world right around with its Port wine.

Investment in Spain

Spain is one of the most developed and economically stable members of the European Union. Its real estate market is thriving. Its financial, industrial, technological and healthcare sectors are rapidly evolving.

Property taxes in Spain for non-residents

If a villa or apartment in Spain belongs to you, you're supposed to pay taxes for it. Your expenses depend on whether you hold a residency in this Mediterranean country or not.

Mortgage in Spain for non residents

7% of mortgages that Spanish banks issue account for foreigners. Expats love to invest in properties in this Mediterranean country. To become eligible for such a program, it's important to spend over half a year away from Spain each year and pay taxes in your homeland.

Dual citizenship in Spain

Dual citizenship implies that a person's status in two countries is recognized. In the country of residency, the individual pays taxes and serves in the military.

Residence permit in Spain for financially independent

There are several popular ways to obtain a permanent residence status in the member states of the European Union. One of them is to prove that you are financially independent.

Spain Golden visa

Getting a residence permit by investment, commonly known as a golden visa, is rapidly gaining popularity these days, and Spain offers some of the most convenient terms in the EU.