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Work permit for Greece

In the 2020s, Greece is considered an amazing place to work. In the previous decade, this state underwent a large-scale economic crisis but has successfully overcome it. Now, its economy is on the rise. The government actively provides financial support to many sectors and attracts foreign investment.

Golden visa Greece vs Portugal

Both Portugal and Greece offer Golden Visas for wealthy expats. The former country is about to cancel it but there is still time to apply. The latter is planning to carry on — but in 2023, the entry threshold is expected to rise.

Greek National ID Card

Tourism constitutes one of the largest sectors of the Greek economy, and, in fact, Greece is on the list of top ten tourist destinations in Europe, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

Best Luxury Resorts for Families

Whether you were born in Greece or acquired its citizenship in some other way, you will be issued a Greek identity card, and this will be your most important document in the country. In this article, we will explain what a national ID card is, as well as the benefits and specific features of the new electronic identity cards, and provide detailed instructions on how to apply for one, particularly if you are a foreigner.

Visa fees to Greece

This page contains detailed information on the different types of Greek visas, as well as the basic terms and application fees for each of them.

Cost of living in Crete

In the last decade, Crete has become the most favoured place of residence among Western expats, even more popular than Athens and Thessaloniki, especially among those who choose to retire in this country with a golden visa.

Immigration law in Greece

The Greek immigration policy is quite lenient compared to most countries in Europe and the United States, and the actual application procedures are pretty straightforward in most cases.

Corfu or Crete

Apart from the two major metropolitan areas in Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki, most foreigners who choose to relocate to this country land on one of its numerous islands.

Greece self employed

The number of self-employed people in Greece is growing steadily these days, especially among expats. In fact, this legal status is one of the easiest ways to obtain Greek permanent residence.

VAT in Greece

Greece has a complicated taxation system and levies one of the highest value added taxes in Europe. For these reasons, we would like to clarify the main conditions and rates of Greek value-added tax and explain some ways in which you can significantly reduce or even avoid it completely.

Types of Income Taxes for Foreigners

Our goal in this article is to provide a detailed description of different categories of taxes that you will have to pay if you choose to reside in Greece. Whatever your legal status, you will be subject to four general types of taxation, namely capital gains, income, social security and value added taxes.

Greek residence permit for UK citizens

As a result of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, UK citizens have now lost the rights of free movement, residence and employment in the European Union. As a British citizen, if you had not obtained a permanent residence permit by January 01, 2021, you are formally classified as an EU-alien and have to abide by the immigration laws for the latter.

Corporate tax in Greece

If you intend to open a company in Greece, there will be a long list of taxes that you should be prepared to pay. The taxation system in this country is quite complicated, and you may have to consult a local lawyer to help you make the best sense of it.

How to get permanent residence in Greece?

Greece has become one of the most favoured destinations for immigration and a popular way to get a EU passport. The main reasons for its popularity seem to be its comfortable lifestyle, high quality of life by international standards and lenient terms for acquiring a legal status in the EU.

How to get Greek citizenship by descent?

There are several ways of getting a Greek passport. One of them is to apply for Greek citizenship by descent. In simple terms, this option means that if at least one of your ancestors is or was Greek, you are eligible for Greek citizenship as well.

How to open a bank account in Greece

Whether you find a job in Greece, apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit, or even come to the country as a student, you will have to open an account in a Greek bank. This page explains in detail how to go about it and which documents you will need for this purpose.

Digital nomads in Greece

Many people these days choose to work from their laptops or any other mobile devices and move around the world freely. One government after another realises the benefits of letting these digital nomads stay in their countries, Greece being one of them.

International schools in Greece

The history of educational institutions in Greece goes far into antiquity, and to this day, the quality of education in this country remains at a very high level. Besides, about one-third of the student population is eligible to study free of charge, and one-quarter of all postgraduate programs are free as well.

Tourist Visa to Greece

The most common type of diplomatic document is a travel visa. It allows people of all ages and walks of life to visit a country of their choice.

Buying Property in Greece After Brexit

On January 31, 2020, Britain withdrew from the EU after a referendum. It has affected thousands of UK citizens living in Greece or planning to move abroad. The withdrawal coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. This has introduced yet another set of rules. Still, Greece continues to be a popular destination for tourists and property buyers.

Healthcare in Greece for expats

Greece has an excellent healthcare system by all international standards. According to recent surveys, the country has become one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism worldwide. Our purpose in this article is to provide a general overview of Greek medical services, relying on the numerous reports by foreigners living in this country.

Greek citizenship test

In August 2021, The Greek government introduced a language and culture test that all Greek residents must pass before they become eligible to apply for Greek citizenship. This page provides a general overview of application procedures and requirements to help you understand where you can get started on your way to full legalisation in this country.

Real estate prices in Greece

If you dream of buying an apartment or house in Greece, now seems to be the optimal time to do so. Property prices in this country remain affordable but are increasing every year. From this article, you'll get to know about the highest, lowest and median prices of buying a property in the most popular regions of Greece.

Citizenship of Greece

Every year, thousands of people from around the world are trying to receive European citizenship. Often, Greece is their favourite destination. It has affordable investment residency and a growing economy. A hospitable climate and millennia-rich culture make the country a great place to retire.

How to move to Greece from USA

Greece has become one of the most popular destinations among many US citizens seeking to settle in another country. Emigration requires a lot of preparation, and one should also learn something about the target country and its migration laws before moving there.

Residency in Greece

Thousands of people from all over the world dream of getting a Greek residency. It's a welcoming country with a warm and sunny climate, picturesque landscapes and incredibly rich cultural heritage. Here, you can enjoy European infrastructure, delicious cuisine and the proximity of the sea

Timeshares in Greece

Timeshares are an affordable option for tourists. More than 9 million families own a share in vacation real estate. Buying a timeshare in Greece has several advantages. Owners can even get a 5-year residence permit if they participate in the Golden Visa program. If you are a frequent traveller, have a large family, and prefer to spend your vacation in the same place, then buying a timeshare is reasonable.

Schengen Visa for Greece

When travelling to Greece from outside the EU, you might be required to get a Greece Schengen visa. In this article, you'll find answers to the questions such as "Is Schengen visa valid for Greece?", "Can I travel to Greece with a Schengen visa?", "How long to get this type of visa?", "Which documents should I prepare?" and so on.

Cost of living in Greece compared to the UK?

Many UK residents dream of relocating to Greece. This Mediterranean country can boast of a warm and sunny climate, healthy food and easy access to the sea.

Education in Greece

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides numerous types of visas to suit diverse purposes of entering the country.

Cost of living in Greece vs USA

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides numerous types of visas to suit diverse purposes of entering the country.

Types of visas in Greece: terms and conditions

Greece has become a popular destination for tourists and potential expatriates from all over the world, the USA included.

The stages for registering properties in Greece

In recent years, Greece has become one of the most desirable destinations for investing in real estate.

Greece citizenship by investment

Since 2013, the Golden Visa program in Greece offers Greece citizenship by investment. The principal advantage of this method is that the applicant does not need to live in Greece.

How to retire in Greece

Most people choose to retire in their home countries. Yet some would like to move to a faraway land and settle there. Many Americans, for instance, dream of moving to Europe, while Europeans want to relocate to New Zealand or Costa Rica.

Mortgage in Greece

Greece has recently become a popular alternative for private property purchases and even immigration, especially among West-European pensioners seeking an inexpensive and quiet life there.

Passport of Greece

Greek citizenship opens the doors to all European Union member states. The passport holders can travel, reside, and work anywhere they like within the boundaries of the EU.

Greek dual citizenship

The Greek nationality ranks among the top 20 countries, according to the Quality of Nationality Index. Greek citizens enjoy high levels of travel freedom, security and human development. Getting Greek dual citizenship is popular with many foreigners.

How to buy property in Greece

If you are looking to buy property in Europe, getting a home in Greece is one of the best options for foreigners. It is a transparent and affordable way to become a permanent European resident.

Taxes in Greece for Expats

The tax system of Greece can be too complicated for many foreigners that come to work and live in the country.

Expatriates in Greece

Recently, Greece has become a popular destination among expatriates, especially from Western Europe, who move there to enjoy the country's good weather, healthy food and peaceful lifestyle.

Emigration to Greece

Although Greece is not one of the richest countries in the European Union, hardly anyone will be surprised that living there is the dream of a great many people.

The cost of living in Greece

Millions of tourists come to Greece to enjoy the beauty of this country every year. But there is more about Greece that makes it attractive not only for visiting but also for living on a regular basis.

Best greek island for expats

The word "Greece" brings to mind the Mediterranean lifestyle, antique art, rustic dances, simple yet tasty food, and delicious wine. This country is the cradle of European civilization, and to this day it brims with the Epicurean love for life. No wonder people choose to move there for good.

Property taxes in Greece

Greece is one of the three EU countries that allow foreigners to obtain a residence permit through investment. It is called a Golden Visa Program. And in several cases, one can get citizenship by purchasing real estate.